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Earth Day, the Kid Power Way

April 24, 2017

Young visitors learn about Kid Power at the Earth Day celebration in Miami

Kids at Miami’s recent Earth Day celebration learned about the effects that climate change and drought have on children all over the world. Miami celebrated Earth Day with a delightful day of fun, music, and crafts. Children were the guests of honor that helped us all remember the importance of respecting our mother Earth. Everyone celebrated the sun, ocean, plants and seeds at the beautiful Wynwood Yard in Miami, Florida.

Young visitors at UNICEF’s booth were ready to take action when they heard about how we can all help kids in other countries with RUTF packets, or as we like to remember them, plumpy nut packets! It is great to see children take these serious issues to heart with optimism and positive attitudes towards the future.

With resources like Kid Power, children can learn about the world around them while also feeling empowered to go outside, appreciate our planet, and take action on behalf of all children all over the world. Together, we can make Earth Day every day and help each other in the process!