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Accelerating the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

The UNICEF HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund brings together top HIV experts with diverse business and philanthropic leaders to invest in high-impact, low-cost interventions and technologies that have the potential to help us realize an HIV-free generation by 2015.

Co-sponsored by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and the Global Business Coalition for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the Fund will leverage UNICEF’s presence, expertise and vast network of partners across 150 developing countries to source the best ideas; draw on the collective experience and assets of industry experts convened by the GBC to help shape and refine those ideas; and provide rapid, flexible resources to incubate them during the early stages of their life-cycle.

During the initial five-year phase beginning 2011, the Fund aims to deploy $5 million annually, supporting projects with the greatest potential to break through bottlenecks and achieve scale.

Learn more about how the UNICEF HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund works.

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