5 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Room

June 18, 2015

Now that your spring cleaning is done, there’s space to revamp your room. Adding a few different pieces can make an old room feel brand new.

1) Mirrors: A mirror will open up a small space while bringing in decoration.


2) Jewelry Boxes: Jewelry boxes act as a functional piece of art. Don’t just stop at storing your favorite necklaces and rings, try using a jewelry box to keep small electronics or a few special keepsakes.


3) Decorative Dishes: Baskets or Placing a basket on your coffee table is the perfect way to collect all the things that you always misplace—like the remote! Small ceramic dishes by your front door are great for catching your keys or wallet.



4) Soft Textures: An easy way to bring new life to an old couch is to add a soft decorative throw or a few colorful pillows.


5) Sculptures: Bring life to a boring bookshelf by adding in a few unique candle holders or figurines.


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