12 Days of UNICEF: Day 3, Lucy Liu

December 14, 2011
12 Days of UNICEF: Lucy LiuLucy Liu is an internationally acclaimed actress  and has been a UNICEF Ambassador since 2004. She has been very influential in supporting UNICEF’s mission to save and improve the lives of children worldwide. During the holidays as a child in New York, it often snowed, and when it did, my brother, sister and I would run outside and build snowmen, rocket ships and all kinds of creatures from our imaginations.  We'd also have snowball fights that lasted for hours with the other kids on the block.  After playing in the cold all day, we would come back home, change into our pajamas and then thaw out under the Christmas tree. I loved watching the lights change colors while sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows. As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to cherish these memories. At the same time, I’ve also come to understand that there are children around the world who are not fortunate enough to enjoy this time of year. There are places where children don’t have access to the basics for survival that we take for granted—things like clean water, food, and medicine. Shop UNICEF Cards and Gifts Fortunately, there is a way to help. Every year UNICEF offers a collection of cards and gifts that support its lifesaving work for children all around the world. Among the many great gift ideas for adults and kids, my favorite is the Open Arms Ornament Holiday Card. The card is embossed in gold foil and shows children from around the world coming together to help create an intricate snowflake design. Not only is the card beautiful, but it feels amazing knowing that you’re helping save lives. As we countdown the 12 Days of UNICEF, don't forget to join us tomorrow  for another UNICEF Cards and Gifts or an UNICEF Inspired Gifts selection from a UNICEF celebrity supporter.