Cheyenne Deleo: My first year organizing a UNICEF club

This story explains why I started my UNICEF Club and my journey through my first year.

Last year was my first year starting and running a UNICEF Club. I first was drawn to club because my idol, Selena Gomez, is an ambassador.

As continued to understand what Unicef has done and is continuing to do, I found a passion for leadership and helping my fellow generations around the world.

This past year, I fundraised 300 dollars through a spin on the trick or treat campaign and was very proud. It may not be a lot of money, but i do believe that is a significant amount.

I also had several club meetings where I spoke about different topics. Through this journey, i have improved my public speaking skills and found a love for helping kids.

I am going to continue my work this coming school year and hope to contribute more.