Nikhita Joshi

Nikhita Joshi is from Atlanta, GA, and a rising junior at Vanderbilt University

Nikhita Joshi is from Atlanta, GA. She is a rising junior at Vanderbilt
University majoring in Molecular/Cellular Biology and Medicine, Health,
and Society with a concentration in Inequality, Intersectionality, and
Health Justice and a minor in Anthropology. Nikhita became involved
with UNICEF to advocate for children like those in her town of Jodhpur,
India. She hopes to create change by demolishing the intricate
fallacies woven into the government that deprives children of the
quality treatment and education needed to grow and develop. As a
future pediatrician, being a part of the national youth council will allow
her to develop qualities that will aid her in becoming a successful
physician, fighting for her patients every step of the way. Outside of
UNICEF, Nikhita is also a part of her school's Bhangra team and
conducts asthma research at Vanderbilt Medical Center.