Mothers will stop at nothing to protect their children and to make sure they receive the loving care they need to grow up safe and strong. UNICEF is there to help every step of the way, providing immunizations, nutritional support, safe water, medical care and education for the world’s poorest, most vulnerable children.

Healthy moms are more likely to have healthy babies. Trained UNICEF staff teach new mothers about the importance of breastfeeding, immunizations and the lifelong benefits of early childhood education. UNICEF advocates for the rights of mothers and children, and stands up for them during humanitarian crises and environmental disasters. Because every child — and every mother — matters.

Fatamata’s Vaccination Journey
With her baby strapped to her back, 20-year-old Fatamata treks through forests and paddles a dug-out canoe across a river to take him to be vaccinated against measles at a UNICEF-supported health center in Sierra Leone.
Lifesaving Support for Rohingya Refugees
Mass killings forced Rohingya refugee Momtas and her family to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh. Now she struggles to feed her children. UNICEF is providing food supplements and nutritional counseling to help refugee children survive.
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3 Moms Are Better Than 1
Born with microcephaly, which can be caused by the Zika virus, little Duda was abandoned by her birth parents in Brazil. Now Duda has three new moms to love her and see that she gets the medical care and therapy she needs, with help from UNICEF.


Give an Inspired Gift
This Mother’s Day, give the moms in your life UNICEF Inspired Gifts: lifesaving and life-changing supplies that benefit children around the world who need help most.
Honor the Moms in Your Life
For Mother's Day, help the world's children by donating to UNICEF in your mom's name.