Bangladesh: Ability Based Accelerated Learning

A girl holds a slate in a classroom in Bangladesh
UNICEF Bangladesh
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Equity has been the key focus in designing, planning and implementation of the LUL project in Bangladesh. Out-of school children, geographic disparity, disaster vulnerability, lowest economic quintile population, disadvantaged areas with limited basic services, disability, etc. are the key equity issues that have been considered to select learners and target areas of the Let Us Learn Project.

The pre-primary education (PPE) intervention ensures that children aged 5 plus, previously not accessing PPE services, receive age appropriate care and pre-primary education that supports and nurtures their early learning in a safe learning environment so they are ready for primary school. The learning centers are located in strategic pockets of the communities and maintain close contact with the nearest primary schools for smooth transition to first grade.

Ability Based Accelerated Learning (ABAL) centers offer children of different ages and abilities access to a multi-grade and multi-ability based learning opportunity. Children progress through the grades and lessons at their own pace with the help of a specially trained facilitator. The learning centers have flexible hours to support children who may have to work or face other barriers to traditional schooling.