Horn of Africa Strategic Response

The 2011 crisis in the Horn of Africa was caused by a combination of prolonged drought, rapidly increasing food prices and escalating conflict in Somalia. By September 2011, more than 13 million people were in desperate need of aid. 

The global response to the crisis in the Horn of Africa was immense. UNICEF’s strategic approach to emergency response and its strong, long term relationships with governments and NGOs has resulted in significant improvements in the Horn of Africa. 

The lives saved and improved are the result of true partnership, beginning with donors who fund UNICEF’s work, planning and collaboration, and the incredible staff and partners on the ground who work relentlessly to protect children.

Through one of the largest humanitarian efforts in the region's history, UNICEF and its partners:

  • Delivered 63,000 metric tons of humanitarian aid including 31,500 tons of therapeutic food
  • Treated 1 million children for malnutrition
  • Immunized 1.5 million children (31% of the country’s children) against deadly diseases in Somalia 
  • Scaled up response in nutrition, water and sanitation in Kenya, resulting in a three-fold reduction in acute malnutrition from 37.4% to 13.7%
  • Strengthened the safety nets and preventive measures in Ethiopia, including establishing a Health Extension program that employs 34,000 community-based health workers

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