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Advocacy Day Child Safeguarding

UNICEF USA always puts the best interest of the child first and abides by specific requirements to safeguard children. Learn more about our child safeguarding policy.

UNICEF USA often organizes groups of volunteers to participate in Advocacy Day, a day where child advocates come together to meet with legislators and their representatives to voice their support for children.

All registrants are expected to uphold our Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct.

UNICEF USA expects that adults will use common sense and sound judgment in their activities.

Background Checks for Adults

If you are an adult selected to be a State Leader on Advocacy Day and you will be communicating with children or will have access to child contacts or their identifying information, UNICEF USA asks you to have undergone a background check within the past year so UNICEF USA can ensure the screening results are in compliance with our programs.

This background check is free of charge to the volunteer and we are doing it with our partnering vendor, Sterling Volunteers.  When you use our link, you are authorizing only to share the results of your background check with UNICEF USA staff. We do not have access to your complete identifiable information – such as your social security number.

Reporting Child Safeguarding Concerns

There are three ways to report a child safeguarding concern:

  • A Child Safeguarding Focal Point in the form of UNICEF USA staff or a background checked State Leader will be designated for each Advocacy Day meeting. Focal Points will be identified to all participants during the mandatory Advocacy Day Training on Tuesday, March 22.
  • In addition to the child safeguarding point or contact designated for Advocacy Day anyone may report risks or concerns to our Chief People Officer, Michael Klompus at / tel: (646) 584-2302.
  • Alternatively, people age 14 and older may use an anonymous reporting tool called Ethics Point. All complaints sent to Ethics Point are reviewed by the Chairman of the Audit Committee, outside counsel, The Chief Executive Officer, The Executive Vice President of Finance, The Vice President of People & Culture, and the internal auditor, unless one of these parties is named in the complaint.