Honorary & Memorial Tribute Cards

UNICEF USA is proud to offer an All-Occasion five-card package of the most-frequently requested Memorial and Honor Tribute cards consisting of two Memorial/Sympathy cards, two Special Event/Holiday Cards (perfect for Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day), and one Birthday card with appropriate messaging.

Unsigned cards and mailing envelopes will be sent directly to you for your personal use. Since our fulfillment costs are lower with this method, you are able to purchased this five-card package for only $75, a savings of 40% from the normal cost of five cards.

Please allow at least seven business days for delivery from the time we receive your order. Please note that card designs may vary based on availability.

You can also consider our Tribute e-cards that can be delivered anywhere in the world. Your e-cards will be delivered as soon as you complete your order.

To donate by phone, please call our Tribute Card Donor Relations at

Any questions? Contact us at: tributecards@unicefusa.org

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