10 year-old Syrian twins return to school
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Let Congress know why you care about UNICEF

UNICEF's work to save, educate, and protect children is more important than ever. The U.S. Government and the American people have been UNICEF's strongest supporters. Raise your voice to ensure that the United States' historical support of children, especially those affected by current crises, will continue. Share with your Members of Congress why you put children first, and why Congress should continue their support for UNICEF.


How You Can Help

Congress needs to hear from you! Send your Representatives and Senators a letter - urge them to put children first in U.S. foreign policy by continuing Congress' support for UNICEF. 



Letter to Congress

Subject: Please continue to put children first in our foreign policy

Dear Member of Congress:

As your constituent, I am writing to share with you why I support UNICEF, and why I want you to support UNICEF, as well.

Over the past 70 years, with crucial U.S. leadership, partnership, and support, UNICEF has helped save more children's lives than any other humanitarian organization in the world.

UNICEF is unique in its reach, expertise, presence, and effectiveness. In more than 150 developing countries, UNICEF works with both government leaders and with grassroots programs to deliver results for millions of children and their families. UNICEF's long-term presence on the ground in so many communities around the world means it can quickly deliver lifesaving shelter, food, healthcare, and emergency schooling when disaster strikes. Because of its effectiveness, expertise, and transparency, UNICEF has long enjoyed strong support from governments, corporations, foundations, and private citizens all over the world.

Working together, UNICEF and the United States have helped cut the number of preventable child deaths in half since 1990. Still, nearly six million children under five die from preventable causes each year. UNICEF is uniquely positioned to work with the United States to save even more children's lives.

U.S. Government support is absolutely critical to UNICEF's livesaving programs. UNICEF is proud to partner with the United States in eradicating polio, immunizing against childhood diseases, preventing malaria, ensuring access to school especially for girls, and fighting against child exploitation and trafficking. The U.S. Government also supports UNICEF's work to help children impacted by humanitarian crises, like those in Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen.

I strongly support UNICEF because I know how important it is for children around the world. I respectfully encourage you to put children first in our foreign policy by continuing the support Congress has provided for UNICEF for so many decades.

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