Send a message. Support child refugees.

Send a message.
Support child refugees.

$1 donated for every message we receive

UNICEF is caring for thousands of child refugees and migrants, but we need your help to keep up.

Send a message to children stuck in limbo and let them know they aren’t forgotten. Your words will help inspire hope — and trigger a $1 donation.

Send a message. Support child refugees.

Every message will trigger a $1 donation (up to $5,000) to help UNICEF reach children in need. Please join us and help support the children who need us the most.

What others are saying

Here are a few messages from the thousands received — yours may be featured here next.

  • Alex, June 2

    I wish you the opportunity to live up to all the potential you have. Stay strong. People all over the world are holding you in their thoughts.

  • Danielle, June 2

    The world is standing with you. You are not forgotten.

  • Sara, June 3

    No child should have to go through the experiences you’ve lived through, but just know that there are people all around the world who care about you, who believe in you, and are rooting for you.

  • Judith, June 6

    You are my super heroes. I think about you everyday.

  • Alex, June 6

    You are not forgotten. We will do all we can to make your world a better place.

  • Amy, Ben, Ethan, and Jonas, June 6

    There are people all around the world who care about you, who believe in you, and are rooting for you. Including us.

  • Divya, June 6

    More people love you than you will ever know.

  • Michael, June 6

    Praying for you and wishing you security, stability, acceptance, opportunities, education and peace.

  • Afia, June 6

    We stand with you and refuse to forget the circumstances you must deal with on a daily basis.

  • Merianna, June 7

    You are brave. You are special. You are a star. Shine brightly and know you are not forgotten.

  • Loubna, June 9

    Every day is an opportunity to be more proud of yourself because your beautiful bravery is the rainbow that is brightening the world.

  • Pamela, June 9

    My hope for you is to live without fear, to be in a place where you can experience childhood. I hope you will know love and peace.

  • Rob, June 9

    You are the strongest people in the world and our hearts go out to you every day.

  • May, June 9

    It is an honor to know I share this world with you. Thank you for just being.

  • Mimi, June 9

    You are the bravest people I know. Never give up.

  • Elaine, June 9

    Have hope and keep going! We are with you the whole way and are thinking of you everyday. We love you!

  • Ben, June 9

    People use small matches to light up big torches. No matter how small you feel in this world, we care for you and we pray for you.

  • Seana, June 9

    I'm thinking of you all right now. I know that it requires a lot of determination to get where you want to go in your lives, but I know that you all have more power and imagination within you than you even know is possible. Keep believing in your futures.

  • Alison, June 9

    You are the light of our world. We will do whatever we can to keep that light shining brightly in your eyes and hearts!