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Team UNICEF NYC Application

Please outline your personal fundraising goal and ideas in detail. (Things to consider: What contacts might you reach out to, how might you share the word about being a charity runner with UNICEF, what events/fundraisers might you host, etc.)
DECLARATION:I pledge to raise at least $4,000 (USD) for UNICEF’s work for child survival. I understand that 100% of my pledge will be due on October 22, 2021 at 5 PM EST. I understand that if offered a runner’s slot on Team UNICEF NYC I will provide my credit card number for UNICEF USA to keep on file in a secured location to be charged on October 22, 2021 if I have not raised the minimum amounts at that time. I also understand that once accepted into the marathon, charity entrants may not cancel without prior approval from UNICEF USA.