Fast Fund for UNICEF

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Invest in a catalytic Fund that Enables UNICEF to purchase life saving PPE

How does it work?

The Fast Fund is a Guaranty Facility that secures upfront payments made by UNICEF for COVID-19 supplies, protecting UNICEF while allowing suppliers to receive funds to begin production of livesaving PPE and oxygen concentrators for over 90 countries.

Fast Fund for UNICEF facts

COVID-19 impacts everyone - that is why UNICEF USA and its Impact Fund for Children are working in partnership with UNICEF to buy critical PPE at scale through the Fast Fund.

How can you help?

Impact investors and philanthropic donors will save many lives by providing the essential accelerator capital UNICEF needs to purchase lifesaving PPE.

  1.  Philanthropic donation: Your donation is used to support guarantees to UNICEF for COVID-19 PPE. When the Fast Fund is no longer needed, your donation will continue as permanent support for the Impact Fund for Children, which provides financing for UNICEF, leveraging every $1 of donations 3.5 times.
  2. Impact investors: Your recoverable grant is used to support guarantees to UNICEF for COVID-19 PPE. After 18 months, your recoverable grant will be paid back to you from funds available in the Fast Fund. You may elect to transform your recoverable grant into a permanent donation to the Impact Fund for Children.

Help us achieve our goal of raising upwards of $3 million - the more we raise the more we can accelerate PPE into the hands of healthcare workers in low and middle income countries.

Recoverable Grants for the Fast Fund are not a security; neither UNICEF USA nor the Impact Fund for Children are registered as investment advisors or broker/dealers, and participation in the Fast Fund may not be available to residents of all states.