#CreateForUNICEF: Collection of Inspiring Posts

June 28, 2020


During these difficult times, #CreateForUNICEF offers a way for individuals to channel their energy positively by using creativity to produce something and dedicate it to young people in the world. We hope to flood social media with 'ARTivisms', a creative expression in which the artist attaches a message to inspire others to pursue their dreams, to spread positivity or to raise awareness of an issue. We recognize that creativity can manifest itself in many forms: fashion, painting, drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, writing, and even cooking. We welcome all types of submissions from all skill levels, as long as they are accompanied by a positive message for young people in the world.

Ultimately, we plan to select some of these submissions to be presented in the HYOUston DiverCity Fest, an event to be held when it is safe to return to in-person programming, that celebrates the variety and diversity of talents present throughout the Houston community and especially Houston youth. However, until we are able to be in community with each other in person again, we hope to both celebrate and call attention to creative expression and youth around the world through our virtual #CreateForUNICEF initiative.

Here, we’d like to recognize and highlight some especially impressive and meaningful contributions to the #CreateForUNICEF initiative. Feel free to take inspiration from these examples while brainstorming your own way of contributing to #CreateForUNICEF.

Congratulations to the contributors! 

Category: Art

As noted in her caption, Ritupreet Virk, a UNICEF UNITER from Houston spent one month creating this piece of art, a replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night” made up of squares of various colors. Can you imagine the dedication and focus necessary to complete this project? Thank you, Ritu, for your contribution to #CreateForUNICEF and for your positive message for young people around the world!

Rifaa Tajani, a UNICEF UNITE Regional Lead from Houston took the initiative to a whole another level by hosting a 'Paint With Rifaa' session. She led a large group of UNICEF USA Supporters to paint the image above. All participants were then invited to dedicate their work to the #CreateForUNICEF initative! Above is Rifaa's ARTivism. 

Varee Saetang is a UNICEF USA intern in the Houston office and we are excited to highlight her artistic contribution to #CreateForUNICEF! Varee’s painting is inspired by cherry blossoms, which bring her calm, peace, and comfort. Thank you, Varee, for your contribution to #CreateForUNICEF and for demonstrating how we can continue to connect with nature, even when current circumstances limit our time outdoors. 

Category: Literature

Next, we’d like to highlight Dino’s dedication of his very first graphic novel to #CreateForUNICEF! Dino is a very creative child with a big imagination! Below are just a few pages from the 62-page book! Thank you, Dino, for your contribution to #CreateForUNICEF and for providing such an excellent example for future youth participants!

Category: Your Idea

Movie icon Shaan Bhagia Solves Rubric Cube for UNICEF USA

Shaan Bhagia, the youngest contributor to the #CreateForUNICEF initiative has really challenged the out-of-the-box thinking and came up with a very unique way to inspire young people like himself. His message is that anyone can accomplish anything if they work hard for it. Shaan also shows that no action is small to make a big difference. Very impressive, thank you Shaan!

UNICEF UNITE Houston has always been creative and now it is the time to show it to everyone! If you are willing to learn more about the UNICEF USA Houston UNITE or to join the team, please contact the Olivera Jankovska. Community Engagement Associate for the Southwest Region at ojankovska@unicefusa.org or the Regional Office at houston@unicefunite.org 

Banner image is public and comes from UNICEF Caribbean.