UNICEF UNITE Clubs Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct

UNICEF UNITE Clubs are youth led groups that partner with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF (d/b/a UNICEF USA). As an affiliate of UNICEF USA, it is the responsibility of UNICEF UNITE Clubs leaders and members to protect the name and reputation of UNICEF and UNICEF USA. By registering as a UNICEF UNITE Club on UNICEF USA website, you agree to the following policies, rules and regulations. These will help UNICEF USA maintain its high standards of professionalism and child safeguarding. You also agree to uphold the positive image of UNICEF USA and UNICEF.

UNICEF USA is committed to: 

  • Child Rights: all children everywhere have a right to survive and thrive.  
  •  Equity: focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized children 
  •  Global Citizenship: promote understanding of our global interdependence by taking action to challenge injustice and inequity at home and abroad 
  •  Youth Empowerment: meaningful inclusion and participation of young people, recognizing children as agents of change starting from early childhood 

By operating according to these values, we are working to mobilize the support of people in the United States to be a dynamic organizing force to take a stand for and with children everywhere.  

In addition to the below and above, by registering on this form you also agree to adhere to and understand UNICEF USA's Privacy Statement and terms of use.

UNICEF USA will periodically share UNICEF UNITE Club members' (“members”) contact information with high-level volunteer leaders who help manage the UNICEF UNITE Clubs program. These volunteers are trained to keep your information confidential and will use it only for the purpose of the promotion and management of the UNICEF UNITE Clubs program. If you do not wish your information to be shared please email volunteer@unicefusa.org

By signing up to be a UNICEF UNITE Club, members are automatically part of the UNICEF UNITE community and hence agree to the UNICEF UNITE terms and conditions

UNICEF USA also posts the school name, school address, club email, and social media handles of all active clubs for the current academic year on the www.unicefclubs.org website. No personal or identifiable contact information is shared on the website. If you wish to remove your school from being shared publicly, please email volunteer@unicefusa.org 

All members are required to stay up to date on all UNICEF USA policies and procedures and in contact with UNICEF USA staff through approved channels. You can contact UNICEF UNITE Clubs staff or volunteer leaders through; UNICEF UNITE Clubs Slack Workspace, volunteer@unicefusa.org, advocacy@unicefusa.org, hello@unicefusa.org, UNICEF Clubs social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

All activities should be approved by club officers according to the guidelines below:

  • Maintain high standards of professionalism

  • Maintain a non-partisan approach on political and policy issues when representing UNICEF. Check and follow UNICEF and UNICEF USA's response before crafting any official statement from a club. 

  • Maintain updated contact information for your leaders and members. Share contact information with UNICEF USA via the club membership and club registration forms.

  • All members are required to participate in club activities according to the constitution and bylaws of each individual club.  To be considered an active member of a UNICEF UNITE Club, members have to attend at least half of all club meetings, events and programs during the year.

  • Advisors, members and leaders should behave in accordance with UNICEF USA’s child safeguarding code of conduct as shown below. Club advisors from High Schools must complete a background check, following instructions provided via the club registration process, prior to the club being formally approved. Advisors are given 30 calendar days to complete the background check or the club will be automatically rejected. 

UNICEF USA is committed to actively safeguarding children from harm and to ensuring that every child’s rights to protection are fully realized when participating in all programming associated with our work. UNICEF USA’s commitment is consistent with Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which states that all children, wherever they may live and whatever their circumstances, have the right to be protected, nurtured and to be free from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect, maltreatment and exploitation. UNICEF USA maintains a zero-tolerance policy toward the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, or any other form of child abuse or exploitation of a child by UNICEF USA staff or anyone affiliated with UNICEF USA.

In compliance with child safeguarding we require that UNICEF UNITE Clubs do not collect or save any contact information of individuals under the age of 14 years old. 

Members will be included in email communications from UNICEF USA staff, UNICEF USA National Council members, and UNICEF UNITE Youth Representatives regarding national or local programming related to the UNICEF Clubs experience. They have the ability to opt-out of these communications at any time.

All events and fundraisers hosted by UNICEF UNITE Clubs must be approved through the Fundraiser and Event Application form. Certificates of Insurance and nonprofit status confirmation can be requested through the event application process. UNICEF USA’s federal tax ID number is 13-1760110. The IRS letter confirming our 501(c)(3) status is available for download at unicefusa.org/faq

Members shall not take any action that would result in their financial and political benefit.

Covering and controlling the cost of any UNICEF USA-related activity is an important job. Members should have a very clear understanding of the realistic revenue and expenses of their club and keep accurate tracking of all funds. It is critical that UNICEF UNITE Clubs are cost-effective and are viewed as appropriate to the community. Events hosted by clubs should meet requirements of the Fundraiser and Event application form. All funds raised by a UNICEF UNITE Club should be submitted within a month of an event and before the end of the academic year.

UNICEF and UNICEF USA are non-partisan organizations. Members must demonstrate to be non-partisan on any political or policy issues when representing UNICEF or UNICEF USA. Volunteers may engage in political advocacy on behalf of UNICEF or UNICEF USA only when the public is encouraged by UNICEF USA to participate in UNICEF or UNICEF USA-supported legislation. For more information about which advocacy activities are sanctioned, please visit unicefusa.org/advocate.

Many members work with other nongovernmental organizations and other United Nations agencies, such as the United Nations Associations (UNA). UNICEF USA volunteers are encouraged to work with these groups to promote our message. However, because UNICEF and UNICEF USA are neutral organizations, members cannot sign any petition or declaration that takes a political stance on any issue in the name of UNICEF USA or UNICEF. If members wish to sign such documents, they must do so as individuals, independent of UNICEF and UNICEF USA.

It is the policy of UNICEF USA that there will be no discrimination or harassment in its programs, activities or employment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other basis prohibited by law.  It is expected that your club and each member uphold this.

Members are permitted to create assets and communication streams for the purpose of internal management of the club. This includes and is not limited to social media accounts, flyers, website, email chains, group messages and others. Social media accounts should be shared during the club registration process for review. Websites should be shared through volunteer@unicefusa.org for approval and must follow the linking agreement. Any other materials, such as t-shirts or posters, that are designed with UNICEF USA’s logo must be sent to volunteer@unicefusa.org for approval before use. UNICEF UNITE Clubs are not permitted to use UNICEF's logo, and must have all items with UNICEF USA’s logo approved by UNICEF USA staff based on UNICEF USA's brand and logo guidebook. 

As members conduct UNICEF USA activities, they may come into contact with a member of the press. In all communication with the press, members should make clear to journalists that they are a volunteer and not a UNICEF or UNICEF USA staff member or spokesperson — and are therefore unable to answer specific questions about UNICEF’s or UNICEF USA’s mission and programs. Members are, of course, encouraged to make comments about their UNICEF USA activities in their club.  Please see additional information on our website at unicefusa.org/news. If a reporter wishes to speak to a staff person, or if members have a local media contact, please email volunteer@unicefusa.org and we will contact the Public Relations department. 

All UNICEF UNITE Clubs and their members are required to follow the below in order to be able to stay in good standing as a UNICEF UNITE Club on a yearly basis: 

  • Register as an active UNICEF UNITE Club on a yearly basis through the website form.
  • Submit all raised funds using the appropriate forms online at unicefusa.org/clubremit or by mailing this form to UNICEF UNITE Clubs, 125 Maiden Lane, 10th floor New York, NY, 10038
  • Fill out the End of Year Survey sent in April each school year
  • Organize 5 total events per year (depending on when the club was approved). Each event must  fall into at least one the following categories: Community Building, Fundraising, Advocating and/or Speaking Out

Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct

Members are required to read and abide by the code of conduct on all activities affiliated or in support of UNICEF USA. Members agree to fulfil their duty of care to safeguard children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse to the best of their ability; and agree to abide by the principles and behaviors as outlined below. The below is not an exhaustive list and should be interpreted in a spirit of common sense. Everyone should avoid actions or behavior which may constitute poor practice or potentially abusive behavior towards children, and should ensure that a culture of openness exists empowering children. As a representative of UNICEF USA, members will:

  • Work in a way that respects children’s rights and places their best interests above all other considerations.
  • Treat all children with equal respect, without discrimination, regardless of their gender, culture, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or ability.
  • Respect cultural and religious differences when engaging with children and their families and be sensitive to these in interactions with them.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries at all times whenever in direct or indirect contact with children, and not engage in any conduct that breaches appropriate boundaries; this includes online and digital contact.
  • Avoid working alone and spending excessive time with a child and be aware of situations which may present risks. You should plan your work so that, at least, two adults are present at any time and avoid taking children to your home or go to their home, especially, where they may be alone with you. If working alone is unavoidable, you should move to an area where you and the child can both be seen by other colleagues or other adults.
  • Act on safeguarding concerns swiftly, to reduce the risk of further harm to a child, including calling the appropriate authorities.
  • Avoid inappropriate physical contact with a child. If a child is hurt or distressed, comfort or reassure him/her without compromising his/her dignity or doing anything to discredit your own behavior. 
  • Behave appropriately, ensure that language is moderated in their presence and refrain from adult jokes or comments which are clearly unsuitable. 
  • Pay attention to what the children are saying, and respond/report appropriately. 
  • Plan activities in advance to ensure they take into account the age range, gender and needs and ability of all participants. 
  • Spend time alone with children where actions cannot be observed by other adults
  • Engage in any sexual activity (contact or non-contact) with a child, or any activity that could be perceived as intimate.
  • Have a child with whom you are working to stay overnight at your home unsupervised.
  • Endorse the participation of a child in abusive activities (e.g. bullying).
  • Abuse physically or emotionally a child by acting in a way that shames or degrades them or puts them at risk of abuse.
  • Allow allegations made by a child or concerns about their welfare go unrecorded or not acted upon. 

UNICEF USA is not liable or subject to prosecution for acts that contravene the above terms and conditions and/or the code of conduct by an individual affiliated with UNICEF USA. Breaches to the above should be reported by members to UNICEF USA at volunteer@unicefusa.org. If the issue in question is confidential request for a meeting with the appropriate staff to discuss a confidential breach of the terms and conditions and/or code of conduct. UNICEF USA will take appropriate actions in accordance to the policies and procedures in place and in consultation with appropriate parties.