Helping Save Children’s Lives through General Fund Contributions

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Champions for Children have raised over $4 million to support the UNICEF USA’s General Fund. Contributions to the General Fund are unrestricted donations not designated to a specific emergency, program, or country. Instead, UNICEF allocates monies from this fund for rapid, effective intervention when and where children need it most in any of the 150+ countries in which UNICEF works, helping save and improve the maximum number of young lives.

By providing unrestricted donations, Champions for Children are empowering UNICEF to fight “silent emergencies”—the deadly effects of preventable disease and malnutrition that do not make headlines, but that left unchecked can become much larger threats to children’s well-being across entire regions. These contributions also help UNICEF continue to manage country-led health, education, and child protection programs that many governments are reluctant to pursue without UNICEF’s expert guidance to ensure that children are and remain a national priority.

The General Fund has helped UNICEF and its partners make great strides in the global fight for child survival and development, including the September 2018 announcement that the number of children under age five dying from preventable causes dropped to 15,000 per day. While any child dying of a preventable cause is unacceptable, little by little, progress is being made.

Your support of the General Fund makes stories like Kalima Munena’s possible. Kalima is a man on a mission. Once a month, he rides his bicycle 117 kilometres to reach remote villages near Kitenge, in Eastern Congo’s Katanga province. The difficult journey takes Kalima two days, amid scorching heat, bad roads and the occasional snake encounter. But Kalima’s assignment is vital: he delivers life-saving vaccines to children living in isolated communities---children who would otherwise not be reached.

“It’s important to me,” says Kalima looking at the mothers gathered at the health centre. “It makes me happy to see these mothers who have brought their children here today. You know, some have had to walk very long distances to reach our health center, so I need to be here for them and make sure their children get vaccinated.”

Thank you, Champions for Children for providing unrestricted funds to help UNICEF provide low-cost high-impact interventions which will help us reach a day when ZERO children die of preventable causes.


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