Japan Earthquake – 2011

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Champions for Children expressed deep concern for the children and families impacted by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.  The disaster was of such a magnitude that UNICEF’s unrivaled expertise in aiding children in emergencies was welcomed in a country that is traditionally a donor to UNICEF programs worldwide and not a recipient.   

As a result of Champions’ efforts, over $230,000 collected in March and April 2011 through UNICEF’s Change for Good program on American Airlines supported UNICEF’s emergency response in Japan.

Below are a few examples of the critical emergency programs that UNICEF was able to provide with the collections raised by Champions and other supporters.  UNICEF was able to:

·         Procure and distribute supplies including drinking water, children’s clothes, hygiene products, and shoes.

·         Initiate health services support for mothers and children.

·         Expand psycho-social support services to help children regain normalcy in their lives following the tragic event.

·         Implement a Back-to-School Campaign (first month).

·         Provide school supplies, such as school bag and stationery.

·         Supply primary and junior high schools with desks, chairs, computers, fixtures, portable toilets, and other necessities.

·         Implement Back-to-School Campaign (second month).

·         Begin supplying materials for health checkups at schools.

·         Assist with the purchase of school goods for primary and junior high school students, including clothes, school supplies, paints, and supplementary materials.

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