2011 Chile Field Visit

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Champions voted overwhelmingly to send a portion of 2010 collections—roughly $280,000—to support UNICEF’s emergency relief and recovery efforts for children and their families affected by the February 27, 2010, earthquake that struck Chile.

In April 2011, Champions Aimee Doe (LAXI), Charlie Consoli (IOR), and Claudia Berra (EZE) traveled to Chile, joining Silvia Sepúlveda (SCL) to visit UNICEF-supported programs in Concepción, the city hardest hit by the devastating 2010 earthquake.

The group visited children and families living in temporary shelters that have benefited from the installation of water and sanitation facilities, and received recreational supplies including new toys, books and back-to-school bags. In addition, they learned more about UNICEF’s public education campaigns and met with child care professionals and educators working with children who experienced post-disaster stress as a result of the earthquake.

 “UNICEF is providing a sense of normalcy to the lives of children and families in Chile,” said Charlie Consoli. “It was amazing to see how the pesos, euros and other currencies we collected are making a difference for so many children.”

•           To see photos, click here.

•           To learn more about two Champions’ personal experiences, please read Aimee Doe’s blog post and Charlie Consoli’s blog post

•           Click here to see the new in-flight video produced by the UNICEF USA that was filmed on-site in Chile with flight attendant field visit participants to show on international AA flights from August 2011 on!

Champions were invited to enter a contest to attend a trip to see UNICEF's lifesaving programs in Chile by submitting a birthday card created by them or a child—recognizing the world's children now making it to age five due to the efforts of organizations like UNICEF. A big thank you to all Champions who submitted beautiful birthday cards. Click here to view some of our favorites.


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