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UNICEF in Horn of Africa - News from the Field


UNICEF in the Field in Horn of Africa

August 4, 2011

IKEA Foundation donates 1 million euros to UNICEF to help save children’s lives in Somalia

IKEA Foundation today announced a donation of 1 million euros to UNICEF to help save the lives of acutely malnourished children in Somalia.

August 3, 2011

Immunization campaign reaches children at Kenya-Somalia border

Vaccination teams are working at full force to deliver lifesaving immunization to children under the age of five on the Kenya-Somalia border. Children in communities around Dadaab, in north-eastern Kenya, are suffering from a triple shock comprising drought, soaring food prices and a refugee influx from Somalia. The effort is part of a regional push to ensure that all children in drought-affected areas are vaccinated against diseases that can be deadly, especially for those who are malnourished.

August 1, 2011

UNICEF-supported program fights malnutrition amidst severe drought

Drought has resulted in high levels of malnutrition among children in Ethiopia, with an estimated 312,740 severely malnourished children. Learn more.

July 29, 2011

More than a million children in Southern Somalia in need of lifesaving assistance

With an estimated 1.25 million children across southern Somalia in urgent need of lifesaving care and 640,000 children acutely malnourished, UNICEF calls for all actors to make saving children's lives the top priority and to urgently support all efforts to reach children in need.

July 27, 2011

UNICEF delivers crucial supplies as the situation in the Horn of Africa deteriorates

A tragedy of epic proportions is unfolding in the Horn of Africa, where hundreds of thousands of children are facing death due to starvation. Help now.

July 26, 2011

Musicians join forces with UNICEF to save children in Horn of Africa during 'Month of Giving'

On the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking Concert for Bangladesh, the music community is coming together yet again for UNICEF -- this time to help provide emergency relief for children in famine and drought-affected regions in the Horn of Africa. During the Month of Giving, musicians and performing artists across the world will engage with fans and followers to raise much needed awareness and funding to respond to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.

July 26, 2011

UNICEF provides lifeline to protect malnourished children from killer diseases in the Horn of Africa

UNICEF, the Kenya Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a vaccination campaign for children living in communities around the Dadaab refugee camp with a target to vaccinate more than 200,000 children. It is part of a push to ensure all children in drought-affected areas are protected from polio and vaccinated against killer diseases like measles, which can be deadly for malnourished children.

July 22, 2011

UNICEF scaling up operations to respond to urgent needs in Horn of Africa

With famine now declared in two regions of Southern Somalia and malnutrition rates at emergency levels in arid and semi-arid regions across the Horn of Africa, nearly 720,000 children are at risk of death without urgent assistance. In total 2.23 million children in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are estimated to be acutely malnourished. UNICEF estimates it will need $100 million over the next six months for a massive scale up of operations to reach children in the drought affected areas with emergency and preventative assistance.

July 20, 2011

Famine declared in parts of Somalia by the UN

The United Nations declared today a famine in two regions of southern Somalia: southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle. More than half a million children in Somalia are acutely malnourished and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. UNICEF has called the situation across the Horn of Africa the "most severe humanitarian emergency in the world," with Somalia being the epicenter of the crisis.

July 20, 2011

UNICEF helps meet water supply challenges in drought-hit Ethiopia

In Raya Azebo, Ethiopia, less than half the population has access to a source of water within a mile of the home. For those that do, fetching water from a deep water well still poses a real challenge. Especially for young girls who spend much of their time and energy doing so on a daily basis. Now that the region is facing its worst drought in 60 years, it is an even greater chore.

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