Western Union

Partner Since 2006

Total Donated: $3 million

Since 2006, Western Union has committed almost $3 million to an array of UNICEF’s education and disaster recovery programs. Under the PASS initiative, launched in September 2012, Western Union is supporting critical UNICEF secondary education programs for disadvantaged youth in 10 countries around the world. In 2013, Western Union announced the support for UNICEF’s education programs for children affected by the crisis in Syria. Western Union has also supported UNICEF’s efforts to rebuild and improve Haiti’s education system following the devastating earthquake in 2010.

With the support of Western Union and the Western Union Foundation, UNICEF is working to improve children's access to a quality education by training teachers, curriculum development, financial literacy, vocational and life skills, as well as school improvements. 

Through Western Union's Education for Better program, the Western Union Foundation supports access to education and vocational training, promote financial literacy and personal finance skills, support small businesses that help create jobs for graduates and equip individuals, families and entire communities with the resources and tools they need to better their lives.

Partnership Summary


From 2013 to 2016, the Western Union Foundation will donate a minimum of $1.8 million to support UNICEF education programs. Through the PASS initiative, UNICEF and Western Union will harness the power of soccer to ensure children around the world gain access to a quality education and are able to reach their full potential. The PASS initiative is part of Western Union's Education for Better program, a three-year commitment to help meet global education goals.

As the global partner of the UEFA Europa League, Western Union has committed to turning every successful pass in the current and next two seasons of competition into funds to support access to a quality education for young people. The PASS initiative will contribute toward the delivery of one millions days of school over the duration of Western Union’s three year sponsorship of the Europa League.

With a focus on secondary education, Western Union’s funding will support UNICEF education programs including teacher training; curriculum development; financial literacy, vocational and life skills training for adolescents; school improvements; and more.

In its first year, the partnership focused on supporting education programs in Nigeria, Jamaica and Turkey. Donations for the second year will support UNICEF education programs in Brazil, Senegal, Nigeria, Turkey, China, and Morocco with future funds to be considered for projects in Colombia and Romania. For more information about the PASS initiative, visit http://www.wu-pass.org/.