May 30, 2014

A weekly roundup of UNICEF issues in the news

Best of the UNICEF blogs

A new threat: cholera in South Sudan
UNICEF sets up a treatment center in the capital to stop its spread.

Art as therapy in Central African Republic
Terrifying images are locked in children’s heads, but drawing helps release them.

A fresh start in D.R. Congo
Newborns get a healthy start in communities liberated from militia control.

UNICEF Issues in the News

Somalia’s emergency
Al Jazeera reports on the urgent crisis in Somalia, where UNICEF provides 70% of essential health services.

What would MacGyver do?
From the New York Times Magazine, the story of a doctor in North Carolina who found a solution to one of Haiti’s most vexing medical problems.

“We are trying to teach them concepts of tolerance, brotherhood and peace.”
A new magazine for the children of Damascus and Aleppo.

Photos: A looming food crisis in South Sudan
Lynsey Addario’s haunting images of South Sudanese fleeing the five-month-long conflict.

Giving, fast and slow
Cass Sunstein, best-selling author of Nudge, on new research about what motivates people to give to charities, in Bloomberg.

The difference between schooling and learning
An education pioneer explains on the Brookings blog why quality education, rather than just enrollment rates, is so important.

And one more...

A water tree
A gorgeous design, a clever idea to help solve the world’s water crisis.

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