UNICEF: Measles Prevention Campaign Underway in Vanuatu Amid Fears of Disease Outbreak

NEW YORK (March 17, 2015) – An emergency vaccination drive is under way in Vanuatu to protect children hit by Cyclone Pam, as fears grow of a serious measles outbreak.

UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO) are supporting the Ministry of Health to reach children who are especially vulnerable to disease after the Category 5 Storm tore through the archipelago.

Vanuatu already has very low rates of routine immunization and suffered an outbreak of measles – a potentially deadly disease - in early March.

Dallas School Hosts A Not My Life Screening

My name is Henry Goldberg, and I am a junior at St. Mark’s School of Texas, located in Dallas. After seeing Caryl Stern speak at our sister school, Hockaday, last year, I was inspired to start our own UNICEF Club at St. Mark’s. During the school year, I met with Hannah Wright, UNICEF’s North Texas Community Engagement Fellow. She suggested that we host a film screening of Not My Life for St. Mark’s, Hockaday, Greenhill, and any other local high school UNICEF clubs that wanted to participate.

UNICEF Ships Emergency Supplies for Cyclone-affected Children in Vanuatu

NEW YORK (March 16, 2015) – While distributing its pre-positioned emergency supplies in Vanuatu, UNICEF also has dispatched additional life-saving supplies for affected communities from its Pacific regional warehouse in Suva, Fiji. This includes health, education, child protection, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) supplies.

Clone of Cyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu; 54,000 Children Need Aid

Cyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu; 82,000 Children at Risk on 22 Islands

UNICEF: 14 Million Children Impacted by Conflict in Syria and Iraq

NEW YORK (March 12, 2015) – Some 14 million children across the region are now suffering from the escalating conflict sweeping Syria and much of Iraq, said UNICEF today.

With the conflict in Syria now entering its fifth year, the situation of more than 5.6 million children inside the country remains the most desperate. That includes up to 2 million children who are living in areas of the country largely cut off from humanitarian assistance due to fighting or other factors. Some 2.6 million Syrian children are still out of school.