Ebola Response: Thank You to Our Generous Partners and Supporters

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the deadliest in history: more than 15,000 cases have been reported since March, and over 5,400 people have died. The impact of the crisis doesn't stop there: the outbreak has diminished food supplies and crippled health systems, putting children at greater risk of malnutrition and infection from preventable diseases.

Shut Out Trafficking at St. John's University

Shut Out Trafficking at St. John’s University kicked-off with a co-keynote presented by Dr. Richard Lapchick (Graduate in ’67) and Emily Pasnak-Lapchick. Dr. Lapchick is a human rights activist, pioneer for racial equality, internationally recognized expert on sports issues, scholar, author, and St. John’s alumnus. He spoke on his experiences fighting injustice through sport and was followed by his daughter, Emily Pasnak-Lapchick, who shared her experiences combating human trafficking at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

UNICEF to Open Ten Ebola Community Care Centers in Hard Hit District in Sierra Leone

NEW YORK (November 14, 2014)Ten new Ebola Community Care Centers are set to open this week in Sierra Leone’s Bombali district as part of a new drive to bring Ebola treatment closer to communities.

Built by UNICEF, the tented centers will boost the number of beds in Bombali, one of the districts worst hit by the current Ebola outbreak, which has killed more than 1,000 people in Sierra Leone since May.

Caryl Stern Kicks off Children’s Human Rights Seminar Series

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s CEO and President, Caryl Stern, kicked off the Northwest Region’s Children’s Human Rights Seminar Series at Stanford on October 6th. Community members, donors, UNICEF high school clubs, and Stanford students and faculty were in attendance. The Children’s Human Rights Seminar Series is a year-long monthly seminar held on Stanford University campus. All seven seminars from October 2014 through May 2015 will be open to the public. The series is a collaborative effort between U.S.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Donates $3.6M Challenge Grant

More than 13,000 cases of Ebola have been reported in West Africa since March 2014. Approximately 5,000 infected individuals have died, leaving others living in fear. Paul Allen, philanthropist, co-founder of Microsoft, and owner of the Seattle Seahawks, jumped into action and generously donated a $3.6 million challenge grant to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s efforts to stop the spread of Ebola. This grant matched all gifts made to the initiative, encouraging everyone to help and thereby doubling the impact. As a result, the U.S.

Stand for Freedom: Shut Out Trafficking at Tulane University

When my boss first tasked me with planning Tulane’s Shut Out Trafficking week, I didn’t understand why our athletics department wanted to get involved in this issue. What came to my mind when I heard human trafficking was a poor, distant country full of people who are already being exploited on numerous levels. At that time, I certainly did not grasp the widespread horrors of human trafficking, nor realize that New Orleans – my home, the city that has raised and shaped me over the past five years – is a human trafficking hot spot.

An American Airlines Flight Attendant at the UNICEF Masquerade Ball

On Thursday, October 30, an American Airlines flight attendant volunteer (known as Champions for Children, who collect donations of currency from customers onboard selected international flights to support UNICEF’s Change for Good program) attended the first UNICEF Masquerade Ball in Chicago.

Crossing the Finish Line, Putting Children First

My wife and I first decided to run the New York City Marathon after watching our brother finish the race in 2010.  Since then, it’s been a long journey to get to the finish line.  After running nine qualifying races in 2011, the 2012 marathon was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.  And last year, I started the race but had an ankle injury that forced me to stop at mile 16.  While I had a lot of personal reasons to finish what I started this year, I also recognized that the marathon is bigger than any individual achievement.

UNICEF’s Massive Operation Has Delivered 3,000 Metric Tons of Supplies for International Ebola Response

NEW YORK (November 7, 2014)UNICEF has sent nearly 3,000 metric tons of lifesaving supplies, including protective equipment and essential medicine, in the past three months to fight the spread of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The children’s agency is among the largest source of supplies in the international effort to contain Ebola.