[In the Field] UNICEF delivers health and nutrition to Panama's Ngobe community

Jessic Dolan and friends
U.S. Fund for UNICEF
Jessica Dolan of the Chicago office makes some new friends.
Hi from Jessica! Today, our last day in Chiriqui, Panama, we set out to visit a UNICEF-assisted health center. On the way, we had a special opportunity to visit the home of Omyra, a member of the indigenous Ngobe community, and a mother of three beautfiul children.

[In the Field] Visit to the Ngobe-Bugle community in Panama

U.S. Fund for UNICEF
Our group received a warm welcome from the schoolchildren.
Hi, this is Lizzy of the New York Office again with my first entry from the field! We took an early morning flight to Chiriqui in the far north of Panama. Here in this remote part of the country, UNICEF's projects focus on providing health care and education to the indigenous Ngobe-Bugle community.

[In the Field] Disparity between rich and poor in Panama poses risks to kids

crumbling buildings
U.S. Fund for UNICEF
Our group watched a soccer game, part of a tournament organized by the center. Here's a group of the players on a brief break.
Hola from Panama!

My name is Jessica Dolan and I'm from the U.S. Fund for UNICEF's Chicago office. I'm writing this entry Monday evening and we've had an eye-opening first day in Panama City.

In the wealthiest parts of the city, newly constructed glass towers and beautifully restored colonial homes dominate.

[In the Field] UNICEF colleagues travel to Panama

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Repass, and I work in the New York office of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Next week, along with my colleagues from all over the United States, I will be traveling to Panama. Our base for the trip will be Panama City, and we'll also spend two days in the province of Chiriqui, which is on the Pacific coast close to Costa Rica.

[Capitol Corner] Congress takes a stand against child marriage

In this country, getting married at 10 years old sounds preposterous. But for girls (and boys) in some countries, it's an unfortunate and even dangerous reality. Each day, more than 25,000 girls, some as young as nine or ten years old, are married to older men in developing countries. If nothing changes, another 100 million girls will be married over the next ten years. The impacts on their lives, and potential threats to their health, are severe.

Peru earthquake update 5

According to the latest official report, the death toll from last week's earthquake in Peru has risen to 503 dead and 1,042 injured. In addition, 34,410 houses and four hospitals were destroyed and 11 hospitals suffered considerable damage, as assessed by the relevant authorities of the Peruvian Government.

Peru earthquake update 4

A few more details on UNICEF's efforts to save kids' lives in the immediate aftermath of the quake: Death from diarrheal dehydration is a danger when entire neighborhoods have collapsed and clean water is not available, so yesterday UNICEF delivered 90,000 chlorine tablets, along with 540 large plastic containers with lids and faucets, 300 chlorine measuring devices and 20,000 DPD tablets which will help provide safe drinking water to the affected children and families.