[On TV] Mia Farrow takes her message on Darfur to The View

UNICEF Ambassador Mia Farrow will sit down with the ladies of ABC's The View tomorrow morning at 11:00 am EST. She'll be discussing the humanitarian situation Darfur and how the crisis there has spilled over to Sudan's neighbors, Chad and Central African Republic. As is always on The View, the discussion is sure to be lively!

Clay Aiken's Afghanistan appeal raises over $180,000!

Yesterday was the final day of Clay Aiken's ten day appeal for Afghanistan. Congratulations! We raised $181,783.03 for the kids of Afghanistan during this ten day campaign. That's $80,000+ more than the original goal we set for this campaign! This total includes all online gifts made online in the U.S. and Canada. We're expecting some checks to come in through the mail and will post a final total next week. We appreciate your generous support of this appeal. Hundreds of you posted this appeal on your web sites, blogs and boards and forwarded the campaign to your friends.

Clay Aiken's Field Report

Clay_FieldReport.jpgWe started working on Clay Aiken's field report yesterday afternoon. I thought you might like to see the cover we're working on. We're sorting through the pictures and they're great. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the trip to Afghanistan my UNICEF colleagues when they get back to the office next week.

[In the Field] UNICEF colleagues head to Madagascar

2007_04_20_madagascar.gifKristen Mangelinkx from UNICEF's Boston office will be blogging on her trip to Madagascar. Here's her first post. Please feel free to ask her questions about her trip and wish her well. Hello, my name is Kristen Mangelinkx and I work in the Boston office of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. I am traveling to Madagascar this week to see UNICEF's work in the field.

Day 8 Update : Clay Aiken's Appeal for Afghanistan

Our new total is $161,798.82 as of 9 a.m. this morning. This total, in US Dollars, now reflects the donations made in the U.S. and in Canada. Speaking of Canada, I had a conference call with my colleagues from UNICEF Canada this morning. They heard from UNICEF Canada Ambassador Ben Mulroney, host of Canadian Idol, and asked me to pass along this message: