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UNICEF Assists Flood Survivors in Mozambique

NEW YORK (January 28, 2013) — The worry and distress of the thousands of people who were forced to leave their homes because of the devastating floods in Gaza Province, Mozambique, are terrible to witness, and we must not rest until their suffering has ended, said UNICEF Ambassador Stewart Sukuma.

Sukuma, a well-known musician in Mozambique, made the remarks during a visit to Chokwe, a district that has been hard-hit by the flooding of the Limpopo River. Nearly 70,000 people have been affected in Gaza, with many sheltering in inaccessible areas around the province.

In coordination with the government, UNICEF has dispatched 16 water bladders benefiting an initial 15,000 people. Three thousand bars of soap and other basic sanitation and hygiene items have also been distributed. UNICEF has provided one hundred tarpaulins for families, as well as 1,100 kits for child-headed and other vulnerable families containing basic household and kitchen items.

UNICEF is also distributing high-energy nutrition biscuits for 25,000 people; hospital tents and 5,000 bed nets have also been delivered. With UNICEF support, community and local radio stations have been broadcasting key messages on health, hygiene, protection, and related emergency actions.

Sukuma brought words of encouragement to the evacuees, many of whom are children facing difficult conditions. He met with local officials, relief workers, as well as evacuees at a camp, and conveyed the moral support of the artistic community as well as the rest of the nation's.

“I feel deeply affected by the plight of these people, especially the children,” he said. “But we will stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Thankfully, help is coming through. And more help is on its way. I want to make sure the entire country knows what's happening here, that we all have an imperative to act with urgency.”


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For additional information, please contact:
Susannah Masur, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, 212.880.9146, smasur@unicefusa.org


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