Syrian Children Under Siege

Girl in Syria/Homs
2014/Courtesy of EPA European Pressphoto Agency

Syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child.

6.5 million Syrian children have been affected by a brutal conflict that began more than three years ago. 2.8 million children are no longer in school and more than 1 million are living as refugees in neighboring countries. For these children, what's at stake isn't politics. It's their future. Having already lost their homes, schools and communities, their chances of building a future may also soon be lost.

UNICEF has been on the ground since the conflict began, helping to mobilize the largest humanitarian operation in history. UNICEF is working closely with partners to immunize more than 20 million children in the region following a polio outbreak; provide 10 million people with safe drinking water; and education, physical protection, psychological support and winter clothes to refugee children.

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