Support Legislative Advocacy for Children

Influence public policy and legislative action for the survival, protection and development of the world's children. Sign a petition or send a letter to your Senators or Representative to make child survival issues a priority in Congress.

Your Advocacy Efforts Pay Off

Water for the World Act passedThank you for raising your voices with us to ensure that the world’s poorest and most marginalized do not have to live without water, sanitation and hygiene. The Water for the World Act (HR 2901) was signed into law in December 2014.  This helps to address the needs of the nearly 2.5 billion people who do not have access to a toilet and the 750 million people who still live without safe drinking water. See UNICEF's impact.

UNICEF Funded for Fiscal Year 2015Tucked away in the massive spending bill Congress passed in December was $132 million for the U.S. Government contribution to UNICEF for Fiscal Year 2015. UNICEF supporters helped make this possible with their letters, calls, and visits to support UNICEF’s request for $132 million.  In a time of very tight budgets, your engagement made a difference. Thank you!