Super Coin

Who are these illustrious world travelers, out to help UNICEF by representing the power of a single cent in saving the life of a child? 

As the mascots for UNICEF's Change for Good program on American Airlines and the frequent travel companions of Champions for Children, the Super Coin Twins were born in 2009. Made lovingly by hand by a friend of the program they travel around the world to spread the message that we can all make a difference for children—one coin at a time!

Maybe you've seen Super Coin or his twin sister Super Coinette out and about—on top of the Eiffel Tower, eating a pizza in Rome, or in the Captain's seat on board a recent flight. Well, he and his sister have been adding capital after capital to their "cities visited" list.

Do you want to get in on the action?  Well, you're in luck!  Now you, too, can be part of their journey! This website is your Super Coin headquarters!  Here you will find:

Want to take Super Coin on a Trip?

  • Email to request to take him on your next trip.
  • Photograph Super Coin in front of known landmarks—for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Coliseum or Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Space Needle in Seattle etc. 
  • Email your photos (jpeg) to your Champions for Children team at (by submitting photos, you give your permission for them to be posted on internal and external promotions for Champions for Children and Change for Good on American Airlines).  
  • Have fun—Super Coin's job is to inspire customers, Champions and non-Champions alike to keep Change for Good in mind!

Champions for Children Peer Nomination Award

Third Annual “Change for Good Champions of the Year” Award

Have you ever worked with a Champion for Children whose concern for the betterment of the lives of children has moved you?  Whose PAs have moved customers to contribute to UNICEF’s work?  Please tell us about them! 
We are inviting all employees to nominate their Champions for Children peers who went above and beyond in 2013. Award-winning Champions will be recognized at an event in Chicago in March.  As an incentive, if you nominate a Champion for this award and are a Champion yourself, YOU will have the opportunity to enter yourself into a lottery to attend the June 23-27, 2014, UNICEF field visit to southern Colombia to see firsthand your collections in action! Along with your peer nomination, simply tell us why you choose to be a Champion and share any ideas you have on how to improve the program.
 To nominate a Champion(s) (one nominee per form), stop by an MOD Office and pick up a Nomination Form or download or print it from the “blue box” at Fill in the form, including 2-5 sentences on why you think their volunteer efforts as a Champion should be recognized. Board mail your form to Christina Andersen, FLT SVC JFK, Purser, or email your form to by January 31.
 *If you are not a Champion and would like to sign up, log into Jetnet, click on People, click on Community (under Participate), and click on Champions For Children. The link is:

2012 Winners
We are thrilled to announce that the four following Champions were selected for the second annual Change for Good "Champions of the Year" award: Martin Beltran, Max Mierbeth, Sean Nowicke, and Alexandra Pedreros! They received special recognition at a “Thanks a Million+” event at DFW Airport on April 9, followed by a UNICEF field visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from April 10–13! Check out the photos and blog from the March 2013 event. 

2011 Winners

In 2012, we received fabulous nominations and were privileged to honor Champions for Children Adriann Raschdorf-Nelson (JFK), Andrea Hackim (IMA), Monika Kennel (IMA), and Evelyn Cordova (JFK) for the first annual Change for Good Champions of the Year award. Check out the video and blog post from the March 2012 event recognizing these incredible Champions.

A big thank you to all who nominated their colleagues or themselves for this deserved award. And thank you, ALL Champions, for your continued dedication toward improving the lives of children worldwide!

Featured Story—Champions for Children in Action

Danielle de Beauffirt - IMA

In December, two fantastic Champions were selected to attend the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in NYC: Danielle de Beauffort (IMA) and Frances Little (IDF). Click here is a summary of Danielle’s experience at the event and her thoughts on helping children by being a Champion. 

Champions for Children in the Spotlight

Ivan Brandon Pena - JFK 

“On October 30, 2013, Brandon Pena (JFK) attended the fourth annual UNICEF Masquerade Ball in NYC. Click here to read a blog on his experience and how he got inspired as a Champion.”

On October 30, 2013, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF hosted the 4th annual Masquerade Ball in NYC. New hire Brandon Pena was one of the Champions selected to attend the event and shared his experience through a blog post which can be found here.

Martin Beltran - JFK

In Spring 2013, Martin Beltran, a JFK-based international flight attendant and Champion for Children, attended a UNICEF field visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to see first-hand UNICEF's work. Click here to read a summary of the field visit and to read a blog post by JFK-based Champion Martin Beltran on his experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   

Adriann Raschdorf-Nelson - JFK

In Spring 2012, Adriann Raschdorf-Nelson, a New York JFK-based international flight attendant and Champion for Children for UNICEF’s Change for Good Program on American Airlines, attended a UNICEF field visit to the Dominican Republic. 

Sue Ellen de Rooy - IOR

Since 2005, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF  has hosted the annual Snowflake ball, a black-tie event celebrating the lighting of the UNICEF Snowflake in New York City and honoring those who share and support UNICEF's mission to save children's lives. Champions were invited to submit for an opportunity to attend the 2012 event. Sue Ellen de Rooy (IOR) attended on behalf of the unwavering efforts of all Champions for Children.

Andrea Hackim - IMA

Andrea feels that supporting UNICEF as a Champion is her way of giving back. “Hopefully, my simple action of collecting donations inflight will result in a child having a place to rest their head and not go to bed hungry, replacing tears and fears with a chance to smile and play. My actions are but a drop in the bucket, but these ‘drops’ add up to make a difference.”

Anne Chamblee (JFK) and Alex Wahl (MIA)

In Fall 2010, Champions Anne Chamblee (JFK) and Alex Wahl of (MIA) entered the contest offered to all Champions to attend the annual UNICEF Snowflake gala in New York City on November 30. Anne shared her experience at event by writing a wonderful testimony. 

Anne Barnes—IOR

Anne was doing her normal collection “horseshoe” when she came across a very generous donor.  She said, “What an angel.  I know $100 can come in different forms, such as a few collection opportunities or as one generous gift from one passenger.  To the children it is all the same, but for me it was a light bulb moment.  I could have gotten lazy this day and lost an opportunity for the kids.  He made my day!” 

Janet Rivera-Lugo—IMA Purser

Janet began collecting for Change for Good mainly in response to the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, but when she realized her impact in improving the lives of children in many more countries, she decided to continue collecting past February. 

Jimmy Kemp—JFK

JFK-based Champion for Children Jimmie Kemp continues to be inspired to collect on his flights. “It is so worthwhile to see our AA customers give to UNICEF—no matter the amount—knowing that they give from their heart.” He recalls a special incident when he and a fellow Champion were collecting on a Miami—Costa Rica flight in November 2010. 

Susan Wilcox (JFK) and Martin Beltran (JFK)

In Fall 2011, Champions Suzanne Wilcox (JFK) and Martin Beltran (JFK), pictured here, entered the contest offered to all Champions to attend the annual UNICEF Snowflake fundraising Ball in New York City on November 29. The Snowflake Ball celebrates the great work UNICEF has been able to achieve thanks to its wonderful supporters—like all of you Champions! Suzanne shared her experience at the event by writing a wonderful testimony. Read more.

Timothy Legeros—BOS

Timothy’s moving personal story motivated him to become a Champion for Children. He wrote about his experience attending the 2009 UNICEF Snowflake Ball and what it means to him to be part of Change for Good on American Airlines. 

Whitney Hutton—Miami Admirals Club

While gathering money from the Change for Good collection box, Whitney emptied the box from the “E” Admirals Club and noticed a Florida lottery ticket with quite a few numbers picked.  She locked the “cash monies” away to send in for processing and was very surprised when she redeemed the ticket and it said “see Cashier”!!!  The ticket won $100.50!!!!