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Join UNICEF’s Next Generation

UNICEF's Next Generation Monthly Giving Program

UNICEF's Next Generation is a group of young professionals ages 21 through 40 who are committed to doing whatever it takes to save children's lives.  Every day, 18,000 children die of preventable causes, and UNICEF's Next Generation takes action to reduce that number to zero. Next Gen members study issues that are affecting children, and choose different UNICEF projects to support.

Do you want to know how children's lives are being saved in the Horn of Africa? Or what the situation for children really is in Haiti right now? When we were born, 36,000 children died every day from preventable causes; now 18,000 do. Would you like to learn how UNICEF and its partners have helped the global community save 15,000 more children every day? And would you like to know what UNICEF is doing to help get that number down to ZERO in our lifetimes? Ask the UNICEF experts when we connect Next Generation supporters and UNICEF representatives from 150 different countries through private briefings and gatherings.

As a UNICEF Next Generation member, you will be invited to attend exclusive U.S. Fund for UNICEF events and will receive instant access to information regarding the plight of the world's children.  Most importantly, by joining UNICEF's Next Generation, you will help save and improve children's lives throughout the world.

Believe in ZERO! Join us!

Superheroes for Zero

Heroes for Zero

Your monthly donation is both effective and convenient

Effective—your monthly donation provides:

  • A steady and predictable source of income
  • Income acquired at a cost substantially below that permitted by other types of fundraising methods 
  • Income that will provide weeks, months and years of protection to children in desperate need

Convenient—your monthly donation:

  • Is an automatic deduction from your bank account or credit card
  • Can be changed whenever you wish

You will also receive an annual statement to assist in your tax preparation.

Your monthly donation works hard

  • $30 a month ($1.00 per day) can allow 20 children to be tested for Malaria, a disease that is highly treatable when diagnosed, but which can be fatal if left untreated.
  • $75 a month ($2.50 per day) can provide basic surgical equipment to one hospital lacking adequate medical amenities. 
  • $100 a month ($3.33 per day) can buy waterproof sleeping mats for 100 children who have lost their homes during an emergency.
  • $200 a month ($6.66 per day) can provide 80 children with an education through a School-in-a-Box kit—a ready-made educational solution packed with pencils, erasers, exercise books, writing slates, scissors, markers, posters and blackboard equipment.